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Título: A Framework to Analyse the Approach Adopted in the Information Systems Requirements Engineering Activity
Autor: Álvaro, Rocha
Palavras-chave: Requirements Engineering
Information Systems Development
Maturity of the Information Systems Function
Data: 2004
Citação: ROCHA, Álvaro, VASCONCELOS, José - A Framework to Analyse the Approach Adopted in the Information Systems Requirements Engineering Activity. In 2004 International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice, SERP04, Las Vegas, 2006 - Proceedings of the SERP04. ISBN 1-932415-90-4. Volume 2. p. 573-579.
Resumo: The activity of requirements engineering (RE) is the initial stage for the information systems development process. The RE is often developed using an excessive technological-driven approach. This aspect is pointed as a factor for the failure of the RE and consequently to the corresponding information system.We present an evaluation framework for the requirements engineering activities within organizational settings that can help on analysing how this important activity is carried out in organizations. This framework, designed by RETIS, is composed by three parts. The first part focuses on the organizational domain, the second focuses on the users and information systems’ stakeholders, and the third focuses on the underlying methods and techniques.The initial validation of this investigation was based in the application of the RETIS in five real organizational settings. Organizations that demonstrate higher maturity in their information systems’ function presented a less technological-driven RE approach.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10284/3347
ISBN: 1-932415-29-7
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