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Título: Hydrocarbon Potential of the Infra-salt Strata
Outros títulos: Kwanza & Congo Basins
Autor: Cramez, Carlos
metadata.dc.contributor.other: Sebastião, Lumen
Sebastião, Adriano
Data: 2014
Resumo: This schematic geological cross-section of Angola offshore is representative of the majority of the Atlantic-type divergent margins. It illustrates the main geological features allowing to understand the different petroleum systems occurring, particularly, in South Atlantic divergent margins : (i) Pre-Pangea rocks (Precambrian granite-gneiss basement, volcanic rocks an/ or Paleozoic sediments, more or less, metamorphosed), which lie underneath the pre-rifting unconformity (PRU), in blue in the cross-section ; (ii) The rift-type basins developed during the lengthening of the Pangea supercontinent ; (iii) The breakup unconformity (BUU), which highlight the upper limit of the rift-type basins, in which organic rich lacustrine shales with a parallel internal configuration are potential source-rocks (organic matter type I) ; (iv) The SDRs (seaward dipping reflectors), which, generally, do not have any generating hydrocarbon potential (just 5 m of lacustrine shales are known in Austral basin) ; (v) The BUU is fossilized by SDRs (subaerial volcanism) or by margin infra-salt sediments (forming the mistakenly called by some American geoscientists "sag basin") ; (vi) The Loeme salt basin, which is a twin of the Brazilian salt basin, that is to say, that both basins have always been individualized ; (vii) The transgressive (backstepping) and regressive (forestepping) phases of the post-Pangea continental encroachment cycle ; (v) The interface between these sedimentary phases, correspond to the emplacement of potential marine source-rocks (organic matter type-II) ; (vi) Potential dispersive source rocks (organic matter type III) are possible in the regressive sedimentary interval.
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