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Título: Allochthonous salt, structure and stratigraphy of the north-eastern Gulf of Mexico. Part II: Structure
Autor: Wu, Shengyu
Bally, Albert W.
Cramez, Carlos
Palavras-chave: North-eastern Gulf of Mexico
Allochthonous salt
Data: 1990
Editora: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd
Citação: Marine and Petroleum Geology. Vol 7 (4)(1990), pp. 334-370
Relatório da Série N.º: Marine and Petroleum Geology
Vol. 7, November, 1990
Resumo: The Kinematic evolution of allochthonous salt in the north-eastern Gulf of Mexico proceeds in three stages. (1) Since the Middle Jurassic deposition, the Louann Salt was loaded by sediments causing episodic basinwartd movement of the salt, ultimately leading to large concentrations of salt masses in a slope environment by the end of the Lower Cretaceous. (2) A regime of starved sedimentation during Late Cretaceous and Early Oligocene is responsible for the stabilization of these early salt accumulations. (3) With renewed rapid accumulation of sediments, during the Neogene and pliocene, extensive allochthonous salt tongues and shetts formed by gravity spreading within the younger sediments of the slope. Autochthonous salt,allochthonous salt and detached allochthonous salt are typical stages of evolution. Major down to the basin growth faults separate allochthonous salt sheets from their original feeder stocks. Extension along down to the basin master growth faults in compensated mainly by salt withdrawal and partly by basinward shortening.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10284/191
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