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Título: Blue Frontiers. Comparing Urban Waterfront Redevelopment
Outros títulos: Bratislava – Izola – Pärnu – Venice – Viana do Castelo
Data: 2013
Editora: Centro Internazionale Città d’Acqua
Univerza v Ljubljani. Fakulteta za arhitekturo
Resumo: The WaRe – Waterfront Regeneration project is a Learning Partnership that brings together organisations and players that are interested in weigh up the XXI century generation of waterfront redevelopment projects. The Partnership created an international platform for the exchange of experiences, expertises, ideas and working methodology, comparing approaches, models and tools used for redeveloping urban waterfronts in order to identify, in the Partnership experience,the most useful instruments for dealing effectively in actual and future cases of waterfront areas revitalisation. Waterfront regeneration phenomena has taken now a global dimension, not only involving big urban settlements but also a great number of medium and small port cities. During the WaRe project, Partners had the chance to explore and learn the most strategic project modalities to be adopted by these specific ‘cities on water’ in respect local identities and the specific urban situation, while taking advantages from the opportunities offered by waterfront revitalisation. The Partnership was able to collect experiences and information through 5 workshops exploring the specific and local situation of each partner and one final meeting, defining the outcomes of this research also through the implementation of a practical guideline referred to the analysed case studies but also valid for future interventions. The results, summed up in a sort of booklet, has been uploaded on the project web site and distributed to individuals and organisations connected with partner organisations.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10284/4074
ISBN: 978-88-903123-1-1
Versão do Editor: http://www.river-cities.net/files/Blue_Frontiers_Comparing_Urban_Waterfront_Redevelopment.pdf
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