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1992Raft tectonics in the Kwanza Basin, AngolaDuval, Bernard; Cramez, Carlos; Jackson, M. P. A.articleopenAccess
1976Recent Developments in Logging Techniques and Interpretation in IndonesiaPirard, Yves; Prins, Wliliam J.; Cramez, CarlosconferenceObjectopenAccess
2014Role of Salt Tectonics in the Petroleum Systems of Angola and Gulf of MexicoFonck, J. M.; Cramez, Carlos; Jackson, M.P.A.otheropenAccess
2014Role of subaerial volcanic rocks and mantle plumes in creation of South Atlantic marginsJackson, M.P.A.; Cramez, Carlos; Fonck, Jean-MichelotheropenAccess
2000Role of subaerial volcanic rocks and mantle plumes in creation of South Atlantic margins: implications for salt tectonics and source rocksJackson, M. P. A.; Cramez, Carlos; Fonck, Jean MichelarticleopenAccess
2015Seismic Sequential StratigraphyCramez, CarloslectureopenAccess
2014Short Course on Salt TectonicsCramez, CarlosotheropenAccess
1992Stratigraphic Cycles and Major Marine Source RocksDuval, Bernard C.; Cramez, Carlos; Vail, Peter R.otheropenAccess
2000Superposed deformation straddling the continental-oceanic transition in deep-water AngolaCramez, Carlos; Jackson, M.P.A.articleopenAccess
2014Systemic Stratigraphy SeminarCramez, CarlosotheropenAccess
2014Tectonics Inversions & Emerald DepositsCramez, CarlosPalestraopenAccess
2014Thésaurus Illustré de Stratigraphie Séquentielle et Termes AssociésCramez, CarlosotheropenAccess
2014Turbidite Depositional SystemsCramez, Carlos; Hutchings, W.otheropenAccess
2006Volume Problems in Real Crustal DeformationCramez, Carlos; Hutchings, WadeotheropenAccess
2014What we need to know before speaking on Climate Change and Global WarmingCramez, Carlos; Laherrere, J.PalestraopenAccess